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The Best Green Buildings Are the Wave of New Commercial Buildings – Tips Green Homes and Renovations Save Money

Green Building is a wave of new building reform. Greenhouse, home renovation and products also save money! It is my opinion that most people can not provide information about the benefits of greenhouse, green home renewation and eco-friendly products and practices.

Construction is being developed in the US and how buildings are being constructed abroad. It is our responsibility to build our homes and office buildings with the agreement and respect for our planet.

Environmental consciousness is a part of our alleged agreements, which is for consciousness and satisfaction of planetary and environmental health in consciousness, influencing the factors of our responsibility in equation, for a healthy planet, while maintaining our human responsibility Affects nature and the harmony with the elements.

Conservation of collective planets is a benefit to achieve a profitable edge in the years of work required to meet our life mission of global construction change – a healthy and urgent need for immediate human and kind to improve the nature. Beneficial elements for the planet, and humanity.

Construction is being developed in the US and how buildings are being constructed abroad.

For example, instead of expensive wood, internal walls made of steel and concrete, thus protect our trees and rainforests by protecting these ecosystems and surrounding wildlife. For the development of buildings and houses from the natural products that grow in other parts of the country, environment-friendly solutions can also be entertained for human appetite.

Products like cotton fiber, ikinin foam and cellulose are getting rapid identification, application and praise in the manufacturing industry. The most recognized product is cotton. Have ever been concentrated on the rising cost of cotton? For an important reason: it is being asked quickly by home builders and home renovators. The cotton material used will be made with recycled bated material; Supposed to be fire proof

Some building products offer increasing durability and the building helps seal envelope. It has been estimated that the life span of the metal roof is more than 50 years. Concrete and copper products are expected to be lifted.

In commercial buildings, innovation can help reduce costs and there are many benefits.

A building can be ranked platinum, silver or gold depending on the performance through the LEED checklist (LEED means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The rating is based on a point system-

* Construction materials;

* Quantity of natural light

* Summer / cool efficiency

* Water use.

* Very selection; – The situation of the house reduces the use of home energy

* Making even more changes by choosing to seal the building properly-

Sealing the envelope of the building; Reduce the leakage of air and outside air.

How do you seal the envelope of your building? You can contribute by sealing the dot system, fireplace, plumbing penetration, doors, windows, fans, vent and electrical outlets. The holes are required to seal around, where the gaps are also filled! As a target, sealing and using sealing and cooling for better energy or cooling area, with better sealing and outlet options for more energy efficiency.

Many public buildings are followed by home and university suites and are learning that the benefit of the initial cost of the material can actually pay for themselves because the above mentioned factors decreased the costs of the building, heating and cooling energy due to the above mentioned factors. Is it ** Another benefit is a healthy home – home built to test the criterion.

** The American Green Building Council estimates the new savings of $ 50- $ 65 per square inch for greenly constructed green buildings. In the country of the country where I live, one university in a premises, at least in the initial process, by constructing a joint heating and power plant in the premises, which produces a third of the required electricity in the premises by using natural gas. Will save – $ 2.5 million a year. In central Florida, as nicknames and letters are mentioned, UCF-Orlando, Florida or UCF of the University of Central Florida – you can not finish), it is far away from slowing their aggressive construction program. Future projects are always in entertainment, ongoing or process. Is ucf According to Ms. Lee Kernak, apart from other universities in the state, said, “The plant will be designated, owned and operated by the University.” Ms. Lee Carnac, was the Associate Vice President of Administration and Finance in the UCF in Central Florida during these initiatives, strategic business and ecological decisions and I am sure that the initiation of his efforts in Orlando will always be appreciated and recognized Florida!

By November 2011, UCF – (University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida) was able to use its energy even more efficiently with a set to open joint heat and power plants. This green version should be able to produce a third of the required electricity in the premises by using natural gas – saving about $ 2.5 million per year. It was started a few years ago and after further investigation, at the time of my latest research update (last updated in 2012), efforts were made to be made and progressively continued. Many other universities and commercial builders took these innovations and innovations in the heart, and together with nature, more environmentally suited for the impact of our environment and building, which saves money as well as benefits.

*** It is important to stay on our planet; It is also important to maintain our environment by being aware of the planet and all over it. With awareness about the results of proper construction materials and multi-level benefits for our environment, we can save time and money in our efforts with the necessary and extended tasks and ideas for humanity, nature, elements and our poster! Group planetary protection, by changing the method of construction and maintenance of our buildings, houses and other structures, is a benefit to achieve a profitable edge in the years of work, which is necessary to meet our life mission of global construction change- one Essentially and intensely required for a healthy planet for human beings, nature, elements and betterment of humanity.

I enjoy learning continuous knowledge from you and others from you!

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