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How To Set Up The Tips Trade Show Binder

Business shows can be an effective publicity and sales tool for your big or small business, but they can also do the whole wastage of time and money when done correctly. Whether your Trade Show Booth is a big success or failure on your advanced preparation. Get the best return on your investment by adding an organized business show binders, pricing sheets and solid promotional materials to your booth.

When you are performing on a trade show, there are five things necessary for you: your booths, trained staff, promotional materials, laptops and a trade show binder.

The content of trade show binders, which is a reference guide, includes tools and information that your employees need while talking with Booth visitors.

How to compile the trade show binders and what to do in it:

The Three Ring Binder

Your trade show binder should be a three-ring tie with D-shaped rings, which can hold large amounts of content. Choose a bright colored binder that will be easy to find on your booth.

What materials will you need in the show? Use the Binder tab to separate content in categories. This will help your employees find information quickly. Make tab labels normal or specific as you want. Major categories may include:

General company information. Important people, departments, corporate offices and phone numbers.
Training. Instructions and content from pre-show training. Display cheat sheets and employees’ phone numbers with sales information.
Sales. Up-to-date list of contact information for your sales office, dealers, distributors, and demo centers in this section. This section will be used most often. In your sales organization list names, phone numbers and addresses of prominent people and facilities, and include branch offices, a booth should ask the visitor, “Who is your representative in Philadelphia?” Pricing sheets should be added.
The product Copies of all product brochures, imagery sheets, photos, samples, and more.
Marketing. Company and product logo, CD, special fonts and all display graphics. If the graphics are lost or damaged, or incorrect, you can easily recreate the show.
Employee. In this section of Binder, keep a copy of the airline travel of your employees, hotel confirmation and performance-staffing schedule.
Finance. The company’s income statement should be in this section. Employees can be asked for the latest annual report about the company’s latest income report or recent news articles.
Press kit If your booth is ready press stop with a press kit, which includes the present press releases. If you plan a press event, keep an extra invitation to the heavy duty duty prototers of this section.
Stationery If you go back to the office, then include the corporate nightly shipping form printed previously. Tack some fax forms and some corporate stationery in sheet protectors behind binders, which include number 10 and brochure shaped envelopes. As you compile resources, talk to sales, product and marketing departments to find out which content they are most useful. Finally, set a binder table of contents. You can color-code this section to match the colored tabs used to separate the categories.

4 Trade Show Binder Tips

1. In each tabbed section, enter the heavy-duty sheet protector or pocket to keep the documents you collect. It reduces the need for hole-punch documents.

2. Keep the binder at a central place in the booth. Ensure that staff members know where to find it and what is in it.

3. It’s easy to update your organized binders. Keeping it updated does not prevent your booth staff from answering “I do not know” or to answer someone who searches for someone, who knows the answers to the present people asking for a difficult question.

4. Information in the binder is confidential. This information should not be removed from the counter. Keep the book closed when it is not being used.

By following these tips, your booth employees will be confident, efficient and productive

Do not go to a big box retailer for the binders of your company’s trade show, sales, product, marketing and other departments. For the first time, a durable, quality three-ring tie. Consult with a three-ring binding specialist to help you find the right binder for the job.

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